2017 Mitsubishi RVR in Edmonton, AB


The ability to do a variety of things is something that has been lost in a world where performing a streamlined, specific task, is how most products operate. The auto industry is one that operates using the idea that everything fits into a box, everything needs a label. Certain automotive companies are famous for creating a specific type of vehicle. It feels like every brand has their way of doing things and that’s that. But certain vehicle brands choose to ignore entire aspects of the industry, therefore ignoring entire aspects of the driving experience, others have decided to take a different route. One vehicle brand is able to provide something specific, while also being highly versatile. That brand is Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi is known for creating vehicles that do interesting things. What do you expect? It’s a vehicle brand that has come from humble beginnings, a cult brand that ground its way to the top of the auto industry. It has done so by creating vehicles that are different, while also crafting a reputation you can depend on.

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Interior Design

To begin, let’s take a look at the interior design of the 2017 Mitsubishi RVR. What makes Mitsubishi so remarkable, is its ability to produce such spacious and comfortable interiors while using its space in a shockingly efficient manner. It’s a vehicle designed to tackle a number of landscapes in its performance, which means that its interior is designed to keep you comfortable whilst conquering said landscapes. It’s spacious, no matter where you’re seated inside the interior cabin. The driver and front passenger’s seats feel like the inside of a plane cockpit, while the back row feels very much like first class, only without the constant wave of hot towels. It’s an unmatched level of comfort, done in a way you’ve never quite experienced before.

From a physical standpoint, the RVR takes parts from both the stylish lancer and the rugged, conquering design that is the Outlander. It’s an interior crafted from fine materials; premium black leather coats the seats, with a silver stitching that accents the black. The center console is a technological display that gives the interior a clean and intelligent aesthetic.

The RVR offers a level of technology that pushes boundaries within the crossover vehicle class. It’s laced with a plethora of innovative, Mitsubishi branded technology, including a 710 Watt Rockford Fosgate Punch audio system, a system that pounds out of 9 crystal clear speakers. The 2017 RVR is a vehicle designed to improve every aspect of your drive. 

mitsubishi dealer
mitsubishi dealer
3,032 lbs
mitsubishi dealer
145 LB-FT @ 6500rpm
mitsubishi dealer
mitsubishi dealer

Exterior Design

Mitsubishi vehicles always offer something different. They are bold thinkers, a company that creates things that feel outside the box in design. They aren’t afraid to be different. As a matter of fact, they relish in it. The 2017 RVR is no different. It’s a clear standout amongst other vehicles in its class. It’s the perfect embodiment of what Mitsubishi represents.

The RVR offers an aggressive stance, though it’s one that looks strong as well as agile, like a linebacker. It stands low and stout, with a wide base that signifies strength. It has a long, tightly sloped nose that gives the RVR a slim quality that really accents its strong frame. The RVR comes in a variety of colors, all of which are perfectly finished off with dashes of chrome located on the wheels and bumper. It’s a vehicle that fits in anywhere you take it, while always standing out.



Rearview Camera

A wide-angle camera system that gives you a full view of everything behind your vehicle. This tool helps make it easier to navigate when in reverse as well as making parallel parking in tight spots simple and easy. 


Active Stability Control

An advanced safety system that uses sensors in each tire to monitor that specific tire's grip. The system communicates through ABS to apply brakes so that you have better traction and are never out of control.



An audio display system with complete smartphone compatibility. Using features like Apply CarPlay and Android Auto to provide better music choices, as well as maps and navigation while also keeping you connected to social media and messaging services in a hands-free manner.