Buying A New Car at West Side Mitsubishi


Buying a brand-new car from a dealership lot is something that most people still consider to be a sign of luxury and wealth. While we can’t argue with the thrill of buying a new car that you’ve fallen in love with and driving it right off the lot, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that purchasing a new car from a dealership lot is much more attainable than you might have once thought.

At our Edmonton, AB, Mitsubishi dealership, we feel confident that we have the new car of your dreams already within sight when you pull onto our lot. We offer a wide variety of affordable, beautiful new models of our famous Mitsubishi vehicles, as well as certified pre-owned models. We believe that our cars not only benefit from being recognizably stylish as individual models, but they are collectively associated with the reliable and innovative, cutting-edge original spirit that the Mitsubishi brand has been known for over the years.

In addition to being beautiful in design, our cars are engineered with durability in mind and backed up by our famous 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain limited warranty, one of the very best warranty offers that you’ll find in the auto industry today. Our cars are also very fuel efficient, an important consideration when selecting a new vehicle that has the right combination of panache and practicality. And with our many optional customization offerings, we can help you make your new Mitsubishi something that is truly unique and outfitted to your individual tastes.

We have carefully integrated several different technology features into our cars that provide drivers and passengers with a convenient and modern experience, whether they are driving down the block or across the country. It is important to us that the drivers of our cars know what to expect from their new vehicle, which is why staying up-to-date with current technology trends is one of the ways that we provide elements of enjoyable luxury and reliable safety features. Our cars feature All-Wheel-Control, our dynamic four-wheel drive technology, as well as Active Stability and Traction Control for high-performance driving, even in adverse weather conditions. Rearview cameras and 3D navigation systems with real-time traffic reports and voice commands allow you to keep your hands safely on the wheel where they belong.

Visit our Edmonton Mitsubishi Dealership

If you have been searching for your next new vehicle and are interested in a car that is as beautifully styled as it is fuel efficient, then we believe you won’t have to look any further than our dealership lot. We offer our popular Outlander, a mid-size SUV that’s easy to handle and can seat up to seven passengers, the Lancer, the Mirage, and our eco-friendly and affordable electric model, the i-MiEV. We invite you to drop by our West Side Mitsubishi dealership in the Edmonton, AB, area and take a look at what we have to offer. Our dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly auto experts are there to help you find out why a new Mitsubishi is the car that you’ve always wanted.