Mitsubishi MIVEC Technology At Our Edmonton, AB Dealership

Over the years, Mitsubishi has revolutionized the automotive industry through a vast array of technological innovations. A constant flow of change and growth that has resulted in a major shift in the automotive industry. Mitsubishi Motors has grown from a general unknown in the 1970’s to a cult classic in the 80’s and 90’s to a full blown household name by the 2000’s.

From there, the Mitsubishi brand has exploded onto the mainstream and has become one of the most popular and beloved car names on the road today.

With remarkable models like the Lancer, RVR, Outlander, the all new Mirage, and the Evo, which is to be retired in 2015, Mitsubishi offers a variety of vehicles, whether it be for luxury and utility like the 2015 Outlander, or a vehicle more focused on fuel efficiency like the Mirage. Mitsubishi has crafted a vast resume via years of intelligent design, to offer you vehicles that sit at the top of the pantheon for all vehicle classes. Vehicles that push boundaries. Vehicles that are easy on the eyes and easy on your wallet.

Mitsubishi has grown its reputation in part by constantly reinventing itself and developing technology that improves performance exponentially. Never satisfied with what is average or mediocre, they are constantly pushing boundaries on new and innovative technology. In a world where competition has never been so heated, Mitsubishi has created an engine that blows its competition out of the water.

The Mitsubishi Innovative Valve-Timing Electronic Control system or MIVEC for short. A system available to all Mitsubishi makes and models.

In an increasingly competitive market, especially in Edmonton, it is crucial that vehicles offer performance that not only competes with competition, but topples it. With the MIVEC system, it does just that. An industry leading bit of performance technology that heavily increases your power and torque output.

Want to Know More?

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But besides increasing power, what is the MIVEC system?

Developed by Mitsubishi Motors in the early 90’s, this variable valve timing system started with humble beginnings. Originally designed as a naturally aspirated DOHC 16 valve
Straight-4, which was used by the Mitsubishi Mirage Hatchback and the Lancer Sedan to achieve an increase in SP (129 kW; 173 HP), has developed into a much more complex system. While the MIVEC system was initially developed to enhance performance, it has evolve, much like everything tends to do under the Mitsubishi Motors umbrella, to do much more than that.

The MIVEC system became a system that not only enhances performance but radically diminishes fuel consumption and increase overall efficient on the vehicles output. A true revolution in the performance department, it’s no wonder that Mitsubishi slapped the MIVEC system into everything it could.

The MIVEC functions as a system that varies the timing of the intake and exhaust camshafts, which allows the system to increase power output. The most recent develops has evolved the MIVEC system once again, this time adapting to a continuous variable valve timing engine, which is the first VVT system to be used in a passenger car with a diesel engine.



It makes every drive feel like a dream

The added power and torque from MIVEC, coupled with Mitsubishi’s own S-AWC capabilities, has allowed for these vehicles to be a breath of fresh air when operating on the rough roads of the harsh Edmonton winters. The perfect balance of power and control to fight through heavy snowfall, while maintaining the peace of mind and comfort you have with perfect control, even in the worst and most slippery conditions. 

While not baring the Edmonton winter roads, the MIVEC system makes every drive feel like a dream. On a hot summer day, with the cool breeze slipping in through your open windows, you feel the effect the MIVEC engine has almost as soon as your tired roll on blacktop.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of driving a Mitsubishi vehicle with the MIVEC system for yourself, you’re missing out. Never has there been this much ingenuity in design. There’s a confidence when you’re behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi, a comfort you didn’t quite expect. Just come to West Side Mitsubishi today and test drive one of our many vehicles. 

See for yourself. The hype is real.