Should You Use Salt, Sand or Kitty Litter for Better Traction?

As a motorist in Edmonton, you possibly have the information that kitty litter can help cars get improved traction during the icy winter season. At West Side Mitsubishi, we want to provide facts for drivers.

It is true that kitty litter, when put on slush, ice, or snow improves traction. Unfortunately, unlike rock salt, kitty litter never helps ice to melt. Kitty litter will become slippery after absorbing water. You should only put kitty litter under the tires if your auto experiences poor traction or sticks on slippery roads.

Sand, although cheap, never aids in melting ice. It adds traction when spread under the tires. Salt, or sodium chloride rock, is quite expensive and harmful to plants. Salt can help to melt ice, dissolves in water, and will do well on the driveway. As you prepare your vehicle for the snowy winter, West Side Mitsubishi can check your car brakes, and tires can withstand slippery roads.
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