Test Drive the Outlander PHEV event.

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It’s an important time for our dealership. We’re making a strong push into the future of the automotive industry, a strong push towards a better world! I’m of course talking about the Outlander PHEV!

Next month, West Side Mitsubishi is having an exclusive event. We’re celebrating the arrival of the 2018 PHEV Outlander, the world’s first plug-in Hybrid SUV. Due to arrive next month, the Outlander PHEV offers an unmatched level of electric power and technology, wrapped in the elegant Outlander body. It’s the future of the automotive industry, and not something you’ll want to miss.

On February 11th, West Side Mitsubishi is giving you the opportunity to interact with the Outlander PHEV. If you’re selected, these exclusive sessions offer a unique and informational driving event led by product experts and a professional drive team. Customers will learn about the benefits of plug-in hybrid technology and experience the efficiency and versatility of an electric powered SUV, as well as the performance and handling of Mitsubishi’s revolutionary Super All-Wheel Control.

There are limited slots available, so act fast by entering your name by clicking the link below. Come to West Side Mitsubishi and experience the evolution of the automotive industry happen right before your eyes. 


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