RVR vs. Rogue


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Mitsubishi knows how to craft a vehicle tailored for your enjoyment. The RVR embodies that attitude to perfection. It’s a joy to drive, with capability that can conquer even the roughest Alberta terrain. It’s a crossover that looks and feels different. It’s a vehicle that is athletic, smart, and comfortable.


·         168 Horsepower

·         MIVEC engine.

·         S-AWC

·         710-watt Rockford Fosgate Punch audio system

·         Mitsubishi 10-year warranty

The  Mitsubishi RVR is one of the most successful crossover vehicles in its class. While it both looks and feels like a crossover vehicle, the RVR manages to get noticed and not get mixed up among the masses. Backed by Mitsubishi’s 10-year warranty, the RVR provides an unmatched reliability. With equal parts performance and dynamic visuals leading its design, the RVR evokes an uncanny feeling of something special.

1146 × 530

Nissan is known for creating dynamic, exciting vehicles. The Nissan Rogue is a highly capable vehicle that has its fans. Though it doesn’t quite reach the same levels of efficiency and reliability that the RVR does, it’s still a perfectly suitable ride.  

·         170 Horsepower

·         Intelligent Key Push Button Ignition

·         XTronic

·         Safety Shield

·         NissanConnect

The Rogue is a vehicle that is both versatile and precise in its execution. It’s a vehicle with intense performance, and comfort that is suitable for royalty, with an intelligence suite that is exquisite. It comes from good stock, with a great performance history, and plenty of power to drive its hulking frame.


When you boil it down, these two crossover vehicles are both highly successful in their own right. While the Rogue has slightly more power, it’s a negligible amount. The RVR packs a powerful punch, while also being the more fuel efficient of the two. IT also offers the Mitsubishi’s own Rockford Fosgate, which is one of the most impressive sound systems you can find in this market.  The Rogue is something special, that much is true, but the RVR stands a head above the rest.

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