What kind of Tech does Mitsubishi Have?

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Mitsubishi always produces vehicles that achieve a high level of intelligence. They are a vehicle brand that proudly pushes into the future, creating new and exciting technology for their vehicles each and every year.
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Mitsubishi is predominantly known for two performance-based pieces of tech, the S-AWC, and the MiVEC engine. S-AWC, which stands for Super All Wheel Control is the most comprehensive and adaptable wheel control system in the entire automotive industry. It’s a system design for rally cars, so when taken on to the pavement, you get to experience an unmatched level of traction and control while you’re behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi vehicle. The MiVec engine is one built of efficiency that has powered Mitsubishi vehicles to top performances across all its vehicle classes.

Each and every Mitsubishi vehicles comes chalk full of brilliant interior technology. They come with Smartphone Link Display, with audio features like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It also offers some of the best active and passive safety features, such as Blind Spot Warning, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Multiview Camera System, Forward Collision Mitigation, and even Adaptive Cruise Control.



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