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The way that technology has affected our lives is something we would have never predicted a hundred, fifty or even ten years ago. It’s something that has fully consumed us. Western civilization has fully endorsed the idea that technology is going to warp and form how we spend our daily lives. Some of this obsession with technology, the allowance of it into every aspect of our lives, is for the better, while parts of it have some negative aspects in our lives. But when it comes to the car industry, it’s all for the better.

The proof is in the pudding. Mitsubishi has added to its already impressive array of tech. This time with its very own CVT transmission.

But what is Mitsubishi’s CVT Technology?

CVT stands for Continuously Variable transmission, which in itself both says nothing and everything at the same time. CVT is an adaptable driving system that changes in accordance with current driving conditions. It does so by using optimal tuning between pulley pistons, direct control torque converter, and by reducing flow from the oil pump to produce a more efficient engine output and smoother drive.

CVT takes the already supremely drivable Mitsu vehicles and gives it more control and fuel efficiency. It’s an intelligent system that makes driving in rough Edmonton roads easy in a variety of different conditions.

Is CVT trustworthy?


This system has been proven reliable over and over, and those that have had the privilege of driving under this driving system have stated that it’s the type of system you don’t go back from. It makes driving easy, without taking the fun out of it. It’s the future of transmission technology. 

It’s innovation like this that makes Mitsubishi one of the most popular and sought-after vehicle brands around Edmonton.

Come into West Side Mitsubishi or book a test drive today to try out one of our many CVT infused vehicles!


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