DIY Headlight Restoration with Home Ingredients

Ever look at old pictures of your car and see the difference in your headlights? Yellow discoloration can occur from dirt, grime, heat, or just age. If you want to clean up your headlights, you can try a few simple at-home solutions first.

Toothpaste is a go-to for headlight cleaning. All you need is a rag and a dab of toothpaste to wipe down the exterior of the light. This should remove yellow discoloration and dirt, but if you need something stronger, you can always try insect repellent. This is another trick for those who want to scrub off the discoloration from the outside.

If you have to clean the headlights from the inside, then you may need to talk to a professional. Headlight restoration kits can only do so much. If your headlights have been permanently damaged by the sun, then it's best to get them replaced. You can talk to a mechanic at West Side Mitsubishi to get more information and a great rate on car headlight restoration.



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