Mitsubishi Plans for Electric Vehicles

Mitsubishi Electric has announced development of an advanced energy management system for large facilities. The system could lower electricity costs by optimizing on-site electrical generation storage by charging and discharging electric vehicles plugged into a facility's grid.    

The system works by regularly monitoring the charging status of electric vehicles (EVs) attached to a facility's in-house electrical grid. The system works to minimize electrical usage during peak hours for the grid without compromising EV needs. The system can charge vehicles when power is cheapest or at peak production from renewable sources on-site such as solar or wind. During peak need times, power could be drawn from EVs plugged in on-site in order to lower off-site sourced power.     Mitsubishi's new technology is in balancing the varied needs of a facility's grid needs. Electric vehicles, for example, that are parked and plugged in regularly until 5pm could be charged fully in the morning when electrical needs are low, discharged to balance grid needs in the afternoon during peak usage, and then recharged before a full battery is needed when the car is uplugged in the evening for the commute home. Conversely, fleet vehicles on-site could be charged fully in the afternoon after the day's work is done and then partially discharged overnight to replace non-performing solar arrays until morning, recharging again before the workday begins.    

The Mitsubishi Electric system will be deployed at the Mitsubishi Electric Automotive factory in Changshu China. The company expects a five percent savings in electrical costs to a company employing 1,000 people with 10 connected EVs on-site.
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