Mitsubishi & Jackie Chan

Even if you’re not a fan of action movies, you’ve probably heard of martial arts icon and comedic actor Jackie Chan. But did you know he has a special connection to Mitsubishi? That’s right, it’s no coincidence that Mitsubishi vehicles show up so frequently in his films. Back in the late 70s, Mitsubishi Motors acquired the most famous and fitting brand ambassador by donating their vehicles to Chan’s upcoming films in exchange for exclusive representation.

Perhaps the most memorable Mitsubishi appearance was in the 1995 film Thunderbolt, which even has Chan working at a Mitsubishi factory. In the climax of the film, he escapes from a crew of bad guys in the Lancer Evolution III. 6 years before the Fast & Furious franchise even existed, Thunderbolt already set the stage for the success of the Evo as a legendary tuner car.

The Evo returns in the film Who Am I, which features another action-packed car chase. Besides the superstar Evos, honorable Mitsubishi mentions include the modified L300 minivan, custom cabriolet, pajero turbo and a 3000GT prototype. There’s even a limited edition Jackie Chan Evo IX!

With its extreme versatility from the practical Eclipse Cross to the performance-oriented Evo, we couldn’t think of a better make of car to represent the dynamic Jackie Chan. His films are multi-tonal, often featuring an everyman finding himself stuck in extraordinary situations. It’s fitting as the Mitsubishi is first and foremost a people’s car that just so happens to be able to withstand heavy modifications by the enthusiasts. Stock or not, trust that your Mitsubishi will get you out of hairy situations.

Did you know that West Side Mitsubishi has our own Jacky Chan, spelled with a “Y”? We swear it’s purely coincidental and we didn’t just invite him to our team because of his name! Instead of kicking butt, he creates kick-ass graphic designs for our digital and print campaigns. Looks like Samurai Sam has some competition...

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