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Winter vs All-Weather vs All-Season Tires

Now that we've had our unsurprising September snow, it's time to break out the hot chocolate and talk about tires. Edmonton is home to some of the most extreme weather in North America, and the right set of tires can make or break your winter driving experience. To get the best performance out of your vehicle, it's important to know the difference between winter tires, all-weather tires and all-season tires.

Winter Tires:
Winter tires feature an aggressive tread pattern that keeps its grip on snow while pushing away water and slush. The flexible rubber compound is designed…
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5 Things To Do To Get Ready For Winter Driving in Edmonton


It seems like, every year, wintertime comes sooner than expected. The trees shed their leaves a little faster, and the Christmas decorations come up a little earlier, which means it’s becoming more important to be winter-ready. Being properly prepared for the winter season is the difference between mild annoyance at the weather and being miserable. It’s the difference between having a safe commute and a hectic one.

With that, here are 5 Things…

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What Kind of Dog Best Suits Your Ride

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Today is national Dog day! It’s a day to honor all the dogs we have lost, important dogs throughout history such as Lassie, or Old Yeller, or Wishbone. It’s also a day, of course, to celebrate dogs of the present.  Now, I know that pretty much every day is “National _____  Day!” according to the internet, but who doesn’t want to take a day to celebrate all the great things about dogs.
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5 Reasons to Buy a Mitsubishi RVR

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Mitsubishi, a once cult vehicle brand, has made the successful push into the mainstream. They’ve moved away from the outsider persona that they developed in the 90s and 2000s and creating a reputation of vehicles that are built with integrity, vehicles that you can rely on. Which that change in reputation came creating new vehicles, while the legendary Evo Lancer took its leave with the 2015 model, a new vehicle rose to glory. That vehicle is the Mitsubishi RVR.
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West Side Mitsubishi’s Black Friday Event

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Winter has arrived, and while it’s not quite the Holiday season here in Canada, but down under (I mean the USA), they’re rallying to celebrate their highest of holidays – Thanksgiving. It’s a time for friends and family to gather, eat delicious food, drink delicious drink, and get their pumpkin pie on. For us Canadians, that particular event happened a month ago and
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5 Reasons That Make Mitsubishi the Perfect Winter Car

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5 Reasons why Mitsubishi vehicles

Despite what this recent weather has teased, winter is coming the snow comes next week, or the week after, it’s coming and it’s going to be dreadful. It’s important to prepare for the winter, which despite its yearly occurrence, still manages to catch people off guard. Sometimes, you can get by with a decent set of winter tires, or maybe your vehicle is four wheel drive, or maybe, i
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6 Reasons Why August is a Great Time to Buy a Car

We’re entering the dog days of summer, which in Edmonton is a tragic time. It’s almost back to school time for kids, and for many other none school goers, it means a time when the weather cools and the fun stops. Even the summer movie season is starting to cool off, which means we’re in that weird spot after the summer blockbusters and before the fall Oscar bait stuff. As much as the fall season means the return of sports (mostly hockey), it does feel like each summer is just a tease of what summer actually should…
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Top 5 life hacks for driving around Edmonton

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Driving is easily one of the most stressful parts of our daily lives and driving in Edmonton isn’t exactly a breeze. But sadly, due to our incredibly well designed transit system (sarcasm), there’s not really that many alternatives to get around this fair city. Unless you bike but even then you only really get to do that for like five months out of the year and do you really want to be one of those people? (Sorry cyclists)
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Top 5 Olympic events

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It’s that time again. Every four years (really every two years), the best and boldest athletes from around the world flock to a specific location and engage in the ultimate test of their athleticism in a battle of athletics between other athletes. Each countries represent vies for that beloved gold metal cylinder. I’m of course talking about the Olympics.

With that, here are the top 5 Olympic events I’m most looking forward to.
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July Wrap-up

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Holy Moly is the summer ever moving fast. Last time I checked it wasn’t even mid-June, and then I blinked and we’re already celebrating Harry Potter’s birthday (July 31st) with a brand new bit of HP content (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child). But here we are, we’re already half way through Edmonton’s favorite season. July is a big month for Edmontonians, besides the fact that it’s usually the only month we get with decent weather, it’s a month jam packed with things to do.
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