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Spotlight on the 2018 PHEV Outlander

West Side Mitsubishi has always been a dealership that looks to evolve, always pushing towards the future. We’re a dealership that lives by way of the Samurai, our sales personnel and vehicle lineup are backed by integrity, reliability, and accountability.

Recently, West Side Mitsubishi installed an electric hybrid charger at our dealership in anticipation of the arrival of the PHEV Outlander, due to land in early 2018.  

After a few days of construction, it’s finally here, in all its glory.

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Vehicle spotlight on the 2018 Eclipse Cross


Mitsubishi has never been afraid of change. We continue to evolve, year after year, as the world does. We aren’t afraid of looking at the past in an attempt to jump into the future, which is why we have brought back the Eclipse in new and improved way.

The 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross reinvents a modern classic…

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