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Mitsubishi to Use Augmented Reality to Help Sell Outlander

At West Side Mitsubishi in Edmonton, we're excited to share some amazing Mitsubishi news. Utilizing the latest in Mitsubishi technology, customers will be able to use an augmented reality app to explore and understand the Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). For now, Mitsubishi is debuting this technology only in Canada, so we'll be among the first to explore this new frontier in high-tech auto sales.  

The Outlander PHEV

  We may still…
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What Vehicle is Right For You This Fall?

Summer is coming to a close; it’s time to put away the swim suit, lock up the boat, and throw away your sun screen. Now that Labour Day has passed, it’s only a matter of time until we’re smothered by a white blanket of snow, I give it like a week. More importantly, it’s time that you end your procrastination and move on from that vehicle you’ve been driving.
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Top 5 places to play Pokemon Go in Edmonton

It’s spreading like a sickness. People everywhere are walking around aimlessly, flooding the streets at all hours, and wandering in packs, rushing towards something with a feverish hunger in their eyes. It’s like we’re living in a full-on Romero zombie movie, but with a tad less biting and brain eating. (Though how much less, we can never really be sure).
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The top 5 best Pokemon to take on a road trip.

Last week we gave you our list of the Top 5 Worst Pokemon to take a road trip with. In it, we described some of the worst road trip situations imaginable. We left a few Pokemon off the list, some of which would clearly make worse passengers, but those I left are typically Pokemon that just look super dangerous. There’s no point of mentioning that Charizard or Gyrados or even Onyx are just not going to be very road-trip friendly, those guys are all huge and generally pretty angry. Could you imagine fitting one of these guys in your…
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Top 5 Best/Worst Pokemon to take on a road trip with

Pretty much everyone around the globe is talking about it. It’s the talk of the office, it’s the talk of most offices actually, and school yards, and restaurants, and pretty much anywhere were relatively young people go to gather (and a few where they don’t). Everywhere you go people are talking about Pokemon Go!
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