Quick Lube vs. Our Edmonton Car Dealership

Getting your oil changed is a car upkeep that always seems to sneak up on you.  It's a hassle that is as vital to your vehicle's life as it is tedious. That's why; here at West Side Mitsubishi in Edmonton we make it our business to ensure that the trouble you go through for an oil change lands solely on our shoulders. This peace of mind is one of the many benefits you get when you come to us, a dealership, as opposed to simply heading to your local quick lube center.

When you go to get an oil change or any maintenance service at a dealership you get a certain amount of service, service at a much higher level than then "get in, get out" rushed variety you'll receive from the quick lube centers.  We take the time to ensure the job is done correctly on your Mitsubishi Lancer, Mitsubishi RVR, Mitsubishi Outlander and Mitsubishi Mirage.

But what does this heightened level of service entail?

Knowledge and security

The biggest benefit of going to a dealership for your oil change is that we pride ourselves on providing your vehicle with the most knowledgeable staff possible. Here at Westside Mitsubishi, our journeyman technicians are two of the top technicians working on Mitsubishi vehicles in the province.  These journeymen have the highest available accreditation available for Mitsubishi technicians. We make sure our staff is up to date on the most highly developed technology available in order to better provide a thorough and comprehensive service experience.

Our technicians are more educated on any specific dealer products that your vehicle may require. They are familiar with your make of vehicle and even more importantly, familiar with warning signs that foretell possible maintenance is required.  If there is something wrong, our technicians will spot it, preventing what otherwise would have been a calamitous event. If you take your vehicle to a Quick Lube, they do not have the same expertise. There are some warning signs they will simply miss due to the fact that they are not familiar with your specific vehicle. Not to mention, they handle your vehicle with a degree of uncertainty and quickness that may leave stones unchecked when it comes to your vehicle. It's a little like going to a medical center doctor as opposed to your family doctor. Sure, it'll do in a pinch, but you feel much more comfortable, much more taken care of when you go to your family physician.

Familiar with your car and maintenance!

To go along with the best technicians available, we also have access to not just the best parts available, but the correct parts your vehicle requires. Because we are affiliated directly to the manufacturer, we have access to Original Equipment Manufactured parts (OEM), parts that are specifically engineered for your vehicle.  That includes specific factory ordered oil and filters that your vehicle may require.  You won't find OME at any of your local quick lube stations, nor will you find specific equipment and tools needed to ensure your vehicle gets the proper treatment and care.

Because we are a dealership and deal with warranty issues on a regular basis we make it our responsibility to maintain a thorough history of any vehicle that comes in here.

What does that mean?

It means that our technicians have access to your vehicle history at the touch of a button. They will know everything they need to know about your vehicle in order to properly ensure it is serviced properly. This also means that we have access to your warrant history, included what exactly is covered under your warranty. If our technicians stumble upon what would be something a normal technician would overlook, we have the wherewithal to check over your warranty history for possible warning signs of what could be a severe problem.

We at West Side Mitsubishi make sure that your vehicle and yourself leaves happy.

What about the time issue, you may ask?

Waiting for an oil change is the most tedious aspect of the task. But here at West Side Mitsubishi we make it a priority to ensure your stay here is as brief and comfortable. We offer a shuttle service that will drive you to and from work while your vehicle is getting worked on. If you would prefer to stay here and wait, we have a wonderful lounge area with a very large television (with cable), a collection of magazines and most important of all, free coffee and other hot beverages.

If you want your oil changes and other maintenance done right, come to us.

At West Side Mitsubishi, we take care of you.

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