Our Staff at West Side Mitsubishi

West Side Mitsubishi wants you to get to know our staff. As the dealership that boasts 'built better backed better', we feel that being open and honest is always the best policy. Getting to know our staff even before you walk through are doors will allow you to become more familiar and therefore more comfortable with our dealership. At West Side Mitsubishi, we feel it's important that you get to know the people as well as the vehicles.

With that said, here is an in-depth look at West Side Mitsubishi's managers.

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  • Mike Roppo
    Parts Manager

    Mike Roppo is a man who came from humble beginnings. Getting his start in 1997, Mike was asked by his sister-in-law to help her with some driving for a few hours a day. He agreed, being the kind, generous man that he is. And from there, he started on as a parts driver and the industry never let him go. It was in the parts department that Mike stayed, climbing the ranks, putting in the work needed to be successful in one of the most competitive aspects of the automotive industry.

    Flash forward nearly two decades later and Mike is now the Parts Manager at West Side Mitsubishi. Mike oversees pretty much everything that comes out or goes in of the parts department, such as; inventory control, wholesaling, body shop parts, and much more. He's had a long and seasoned career filled with many accolades and awards. He's the recipient of multiple employee of the year awards, and he's looking to cultivate a few more before he calls it quits.

    Mike runs the parts department with customer service in mind. It's all about providing the customer with a quick and comprehensive service. He does so by cooperating with the sales team and the service department to collect as much information and to work as a team to solve any problems that come their way. When we asked Mike about changing the automotive industry, it's no surprise that team work was a big issue for him. Here's what he had to say:

    "I never ever thought about the Automotive Industry as a career as a youngster, but it came my way and has become a passion for me ever since. I enjoy the challenges and assisting people with their needs."

    We pumped the brakes a bit on the next few questions. We asked Mike what his first car was, a question we find both telling, and an interesting look into the past of the person we're talking to. Mike's first car was a 1965 Mercury Comet, a true classic if we ever saw one. The final question we asked Mike, was that if money and time weren't a factor, what would be his one and only dream car. He again went classic with his answer, saying that the 1969 Hemi Barracuda would be the ultimate car for him, and one that he always dreamed of having as a young man.

    Come into West Side Mitsubishi, see Mike Roppo, and experience the technology they have to offer today!

  • John Lee
    Service Manager

    John Lee got his start in the car industry nearly thirty years ago. Like many others in this industry, John started from the bottom. The year was 1988, it was a simpler time, the internet was not yet implemented in every waking moment of our daily lives, and more importantly, we weren't yet born to this great world. But John Lee was just getting his start. He was a lot attendant, a position many automotive greats have held over the years, and from there, he grinded it out, year after year, as he rose up the ladder to success.

    John has crafted an impressive career over the last thirty some years. John sees his role as service manager as someone who manages the entire staff and everything that comes through the service department. He does so while trying to be as efficient as possible. It's a mindset that leads to quick yet thorough service, which also leads to more customer satisfaction.

    Three decades in the automotive industry has led John to a great number of successes. It's a career filled with accolades that span over a variety of positions over the years. He's a former employee of the year and has also accumulated a number of awards as a sales advisor before becoming a service manager. He's a person that knows what the customers want and how to provide that service in the most efficient manner. It's that kind of attitude and experience that has allowed him to rise to the top and become the Service Manager at West Side Mitsubishi.

    He's a man who's practically grown up in the industry. He's seen it all, and when asked about if he could change anything in the industry, and what it would be, his answer was not surprising in the slightest. His answer was that he wouldn't change the industry. We don't blame him either. The way the industry functions is that each dealership and even each part of each dealership has the freedom to run in a way that they see fit rather than being governed by an industry standard. It's an industry designed around servicing customers, and John Lee is a man who knows that better than anyone.

    We asked John about his past, particularly about what his first car was. His very first car was a 1975 Ford Granada, which is something that most people, ourselves included, forgot even existed. Then, we proceeded to ask him about his dream car, which he stated was an early 70's era Hemi Barracuda or maybe a Dodge Challenger of that same year. He wasn't picky, he would be happy with some form of 1970's American muscle.

    Come on in, and see John Lee at West Side Mitsubishi today!

  • Cris Reyes
    General Manager

    Cris Reyes is someone who was born and bred to work in the automotive industry. He's a person that is passionate for vehicles, started early and never really left. As a young adult, he grew a love for sales, and eventually, those two loves met, and Cris knew he had found his calling. When we asked Cris how he got his start in the industry, this is what he had to say:

    "I've always had a passion for vehicles and I've always had a passion for sales. I just combined the two. I went to multiple dealerships and got two interviews. I really enjoyed one of the interviewers over the other and chose to work at that location. I started in sales, selling an import vehicle. I was, what you might call, a natural at it. Within three years, I was Sales Manager, and within five years I was General Manager, to which I stayed for fifteen years."

    While success seemed to come quick and easy to Cris, it was his aptitude that lead to it. He's also not one to back down from a challenge. Cris is experienced in a way that's tough to find in this day and age. A consummate professional, Cris is a mentor to his entire staff. He feels it's his job to overlook the entire staff, the costs associated with running a dealership, looking over deals, making sure everything is in order, inventory control, advertising, payroll, pretty much anything that is required to maintain a successful business.

    Cris' long career has been filled with a variety of awards and accolades. He had a seven year run of being the number one dealer in Canada. 2015 was a particularly good year for West Side Mitsubishi. They received the President's Cup award, which recognizes platinum achievements in sales, which is the highest level of sales award you can receive from Mitsubishi. It's clear that Cris Reyes' career isn't slowing down any time soon.

    Cris Reyes is a general manager who knows how to run a successful dealership, and he knows that it revolves around great customer service, and providing honest and great deals to anyone who comes into the showroom at West Side Mitsubishi. When asked if he would change the automotive industry at all, Cris said that he wouldn't. He entered this world and fell in love and he operates within this world the way he likes, he likes the freedom. You can feel that love from the moment you step into the dealership.

    We asked Cris what his first car was, which was a 1986 Suzuki Samurai, which is fitting given the mascot of West Side Mitsubishi is Samurai Sam. When we asked Cris about his dream car, he wasn't afraid to dream big. He said he would love to have a Lamborghini Murcielago. It's a good example of how with Cris Reyes, the sky is the limit.

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