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West Side Mitsubishi Invites You To Experience Our Selection Of Vehicles

It may come as a surprise, but quite a few people don't test drive new and pre-owned vehicles before purchasing them. Whether the sales people appear too busy or it seems like a waste of time, at West Side Mitsubishi we believe that runs against the grain of buying a car, truck or SUV that you'll be happy with. In fact, we encourage people to come down and try out our wide selection of makes and models. The only way to truly know if an automobile is right for you is to get behind the wheel. Please consider some of these things while you enjoy our automobiles.

Comfort: Not every vehicle was designed with the proportions of every driver in mind. A petite person may feel right at home in one of our compact or sports vehicles. If you are tall, perhaps an SUV provides the headroom you desire. The point of trying different vehicles is to find out what truly suits you.

Mirrors: Once you've adjusted the mirrors, consider whether they provide you with secure all-around vision. Check for potential blind spots and get a sense of whether the sight-lines work or if you should try another model.

Seats: Do they raise and lower adequately? Do they provide you with firm support? Do you have significant lower back and shoulder support? Will they be comfortable during a commute to work or long road trip? We spend a considerable amount of time driving. Be sure you'll be comfortable.

Electronics: Many cars designed in the last few years have advanced technology options. Ask yourself, what conveniences you cherish. Are voice controls, Bluetooth capabilities and things like that important? Or, do you just want an excellent sound system?

Interior Safety
: Standard safety features include seatbelts and usually air bags. No one knows how they deploy or secure your body unless you suffer a crash. But during your drive, you'll be able to get a feel for the way you fit into that car and compare your sense of personal safety to other vehicles. Feeling safe promotes confident, successful driving.

Drivability: Comfort and convenience are important aspects of your driving experience. One of the reasons West Side Mitsubishi encourages people to experience our selection is to gain a sense of how different vehicles handle.

Handling: We all come to vehicles with different expectations. If you endure heavy commuter traffic, you may want a car that maneuvers well in traffic and favors quick stops and starts. Folks that travel long and winding roads may like the way a car, truck or SUV hugs the pavement. Another factor is parking. Urban areas present parallel and tight-space parking challenges. People in the suburbs and rural towns enjoy more leisurely parking. You may want to try your hand at parking a few times to see which car really works for you.

Braking: The ultimate safety test is how the brakes feel and stop. Take time to test the brakes at different speeds.

2-Wheel or 4-Wheel Drive: It's important to remember inclement weather when choosing a vehicle. Without a doubt, you will be faced with snowfall and icy roads in this region. Many vehicles handle differently when you switch from 2-wheel to 4-wheel drive. Try driving and maneuvering with both drive capabilities until you find the ride that feels just right.

At West Side Mitsubishi, we have a wide variety of vehicles and our professional staff members are available to assist you with a test drive and answer any questions. At the end of the day, we want you to enjoy your driving experience for many years to come.

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