When it comes to options, West Side Mitsubishi likes to cover all the bases. We recognize that while in an ideal world, being able to afford a brand new car would be something available to everyone. But sometimes, despite our low interest rates and incredible deals, that's just not the case. If only there was a way to drive the beautiful 2016 RVR, or the 2015 Lancer. Lucky for you, there is. One way to do that, while simultaneously eliminating the stigma and baggage that comes with buying a used car, is to by a demo.

Here are the top reasons to buy a demo:

Discounted Price -

Because of the fact that this vehicle has been drive, the price is immediately discounted. But with Demos, there is a strict rule that once a vehicle has reached a maximum of 8,000 kilometers on the odometer, the vehicle can no longer be drive as a demo. 8k is not a lot of wheel time on a vehicle. 8,000 kilometers is enough k to iron out any kinks, and yes sometimes there are kinks, that the vehicle has. That way, when you get behind the vehicle, It's already been thoroughly broken in.

Warranty on a demo?

You might be wondering whether that 8,000 kilometers has any impact on the warranty, it does, but that impact only benefits you. Your warranty only kicks in after the kilometers are already on the vehicle. That means that if you have a 5-year warranty, despite the car not being entirely new, you still get that full five years.

What bonuses does buying a demo offer?

For starters, they are driven with care by our sales people and managers. They're entire jobs revolves around knowing the ins and outs of vehicle, so you know they treat them right. Secondly, because its in the salesperson's best interest to drive a vehicle that comes with all the bells and whistles Mitsubishi has to offer, you often find yourself getting vehicles with remote starters, perfect for those bone-chilling Edmonton winters, as well as other vehicle packages you don't normally find, often throw in for free.

Come on in, and check out the fantastic deals we have to offer.

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