Prepping Your Vehicle For Spring

It's that time of year again. The snow has melted and we Albertan's are gifted when the unveiling of what's been hiding beneath the blanket of white despair for the last six months. The snow has finally melted away and we're left with soggy brown-green grass and filthy streets. It's not the most scenic of times in Edmonton but fear not, for it is a time of transition. Soon enough, the brown-mush will have vanished, the yellow grass will grow a vibrant green and we will be well into spring. As stated above, it is that time of year again.

Time to get ready for spring.

Spring is an interesting time a year for car owners. It's a time where the roads are filled with things left behind by winter. Everything looks a little brown and a little dirty, especially your vehicle. Living in Edmonton it's often difficult to determine when to make the transition from winter car to spring, with about a three month interval once the first snow melt has happened where the weather is unpredictable. It could really snow any moment. But you're sure the snow has been put away for good, or at least until it inevitably comes back again sometime later in the year, it's time to rejoice. It's time to get ready.  Which means that it is time to kick out winter mode and start preparing your vehicle for spring.

So what is it exactly that you can do to ready for you're the coming season?

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First thing

First thing's first, get those perfectly reliable winter tires off, they had a good run, they served their purpose but it's time to hit the bench for a while. Go right ahead and throw on a set of summer or all-season tires. After they're on, get them checked, make sure the pressure is consistent and at the proper level. If these are not new, you might want to check for any damage, because if you need new tires, getting into our service center early is your best option.

The next step: make sure the wear and tear didn't drastically effect your cars functionality. It doesn't matter if it's a Mitsubishi Lancer or Mitsubishi RVR, the harsh Edmonton climate is unforgiving in its nature. It does a real number on our vehicles, especially the interior components. Get an oil change if you need, make sure all your fluids are filled and up to date, tune up anything that needs fixing, and most importantly check your breaks. People do a lot of hard breaking on icy roads, which may result in deteriorating breaks. So, go over your car, don't be afraid to take it into our service center, we will have the specific parts your vehicle needs. You can also check if you have any recalls.

Once you've done your interior check, it's time you go take a look at the outside of your car. Scan the exterior for any damages, or rust spots. Check over your tires, and exchange your winter wiper blades for less heavy duty summer wipers. Make sure nothing is hanging off or lose that shouldn't be that way. You want everything to be perfect for when you cruise down Jasper Ave, windows down in the beautiful spring weather.

It's time to wash it!

You've checked your vehicle inside and out. Everything works the way it should, you've got tires, oil, washer fluid, and the whole nines. Now it's time to make it look like its ready.

It's time to wash it.

Washing your car isn't only to make it look fantastic. It helps with the upkeep as well. Because of the frigid winter temperatures, the city uses ice melting salts and chemical's that put extra wear on your car. Which is why you want to knock off any remaining dust or otherwise.

There's another sure-fire way to avoid the hassle of prepping your vehicle for spring, and that is to simply buy a new vehicle. A new vehicle comes prepped and ready for spring driving. The perfect, no hassle solution.

So whether it's for parts and service, or maybe you're in the market to freshen up your spring drive, stop on in to Westside Mitsubishi.