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The fun has just begun

Are you looking for a performance vehicle that can outdo most vehicles on the road without breaking the bank? Consider driving the 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and experiencing the agile handling and peak performance capabilities today. Remember that once you have fallen in love and taken your Evolution home that the fun is just getting started, you can leave it stock and enjoy the available 291 HP, or you can take the time to invest in parts and build your own dream machine.

Now consider that you can do this without having to invest thousands of dollars on the newest parts and newest model of Evo. That's right, if you are searching for a pre-owned Lancer Evolution for sale in Edmonton that you want to upgrade and tinker with yourself, this guide will help you find where improvements can be made without a hefty price tag.           

Step one of course is to find a new or used Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution for sale in Edmonton. Once you have your new toy we need to know where and what we're searching for. Certain advantages come with buying new parts directly from a retailer but a huge amount of money can be saved by looking for pre-owned parts online to put on your Lancer. That's right if you are looking to save money and upgrade your Lancer today consider scouring Kijiji or eBay for parts someone else used gently with their Evolution and no longer need.

Remember that when you are searching for any used Lancer Evolution parts that there are certain parts that will be very difficult to verify if they are in good working condition and may be better purchased new. Easy to buy used parts include mufflers, body panels, and sport tires. These can often be verified with a simple visual inspection for holes or tread if they are mounted on the vehicle already. Keep an eye out for people in the process of upgrading their Evolution if you are looking to replace any stock parts that have seen wear and tear on the pre-owned one you purchased. Another group to look out for if you are looking to save money is those who are selling the already upgraded parts off their worn down and used Evolution instead of selling the vehicle as an upgraded whole. They will make more money by selling the individual parts and you will save more by buying these parts as you see fit.

Step One Upgrade

A great starting point to upgrade your Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is an air intake system, these can be cheap and easy modifications and thanks to the power of the internet installation guides are available with a quick google search. For many of the add-ons mentioned here we recommend as they have informative tutorials for any work you will do on your Lancer in Edmonton. In the case of the air intake system the exact link can be found here // Not only does the intake system improve air flow and free up a little more top end power, it will give your vehicle more of a roar and make it more noticed. Cold air intakes improve efficiency by improving the air flow while also improving performance and fuel economy, when these systems are installed correctly they can pay themselves off quite quickly while making the vehicle that much more fun to drive.

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Once you have successfully installed your new air intake system on your Lancer Evolution and you're ready for another project we recommend an aftermarket exhaust. Once again read up // if you do not know how to install an exhaust system on your Lancer Evolution and watch YouTube videos as necessary. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution has several levels of exhaust systems available as upgrades, all of them focus on improving power and torque while allowing the motor to breathe more; this in turn increases acceleration. One thing to remember when choosing the exhaust system on your Evo is that size does matter! Buying the largest exhaust system you can find won't get you street cred it may actually slow down your performance and cause gases to slow down in their release which decreases efficiency. Select the correct performance exhaust that is an optimal size to maximize your performance and efficiency.

Step two

Finally another option to consider as an upgrade on your Lancer is as simple as retuning it. This is generally best left to professionals but when done on your vehicle can make it a night and day difference. Instead of adding a boost pill and retuning your vehicle if you take it to professionals to retune it you will notice an increase in all facets of your Evolution. Changes can be made to air flow, speed limiters, ignition timing, MIVEC maps, and so much more.

Let us know how your new or used Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is treating you after making any upgrades! We are confident that the AWD turbo charged fun to drive vehicle will exceed all your expectations as a stock vehicle, but you will get more pleasure with a little work.

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