Mitsubishi PHEV


Mitsubishi PHEV in Edmonton, AB

Mitsubishi is a company world renowned, with a reputation of being the best. A combination of ingenuity and practically have combined to make Mitsubishi one of the most popular brands in Canada. A company known for its innovation, revolution and evolution. Taking the North American automotive industry by storm for over twenty years, Mitsubishi has developed from a cult classic brand to a brand that has lead the way in developing new and interesting vehicles. A company that has proudly brought you vehicles that are performance powerhouses, while being attainable, comfortable and industry leaders when it comes to efficiency. A company that ushers in a new era of technological marvel. A company that guides Edmonton into the future.  

Mitsubishi would like to tell you that the future is now.

Introducing the 2015 Mitsubishi PHEV.

The PHEV is an all new vehicle being introduced to Canadian roads.  An electric hybrid vehicle built to handle the wide variety of terrain you can find in Canada. A vehicle built with your wallet, your environment, and you in mind. One of the first in its class offered in the Edmonton area. The perfect vehicle for those looking to diminish their carbon footprint, or the footprint gas prices leave on your bank account.

By bringing an electric hybrid SUV to Canada, Mitsubishi is establishing itself in a drastically underused vehicle class. There's nothing that says you can't have the reliability of an SUV with the fuel economy of a small sedan. Not anymore that is. The PHEV does just that. Bring the best of both worlds to an area that so desperately needs it.

From the outside, the PHEV has beauty that is noticeable all while having a look that is comfortable and familiar. Taking the base frame of the 2015 Outlander in Edmonton, the PHEV shares the Outlander's elegance and strong body. While being slightly smaller, the PHEV still manages to pack the all the performance and luxury Mitsubishi is known for.

Mitsubishi has always been at the forefront of new and innovative technology. The 2015 PHEV uses twin electric motors and a highly efficient 2.0 litre gas engine. The PHEV is designed to know which of these two options best matches your driving to achieve the best possible balance between performance and fuel efficiency. This innovative technique combines the gas powered engine and electric motors to produce more than 800 kilometers per charge of travel time.

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While being one of the most efficient vehicles on the road today, the PHEV does not cut corners. The 2015 Mitsubishi PHEV is still does not forget where it comes from and thus offers a level of luxury and class unseen in other hybrids. Using the Outlander's already lush interior design as a base, the PHEV still offers top tier comfort and style, with form fitting seating, and a bundle of easy to use features.

With the PHEV, like other Mitsubishi vehicles, you have the complete entertainment system built into the center console that controls audio, navigation, and your communication system. Not to mention, standard radio, iPod connection and Bluetooth so you always feel connected inside the PHEV.

Total control at your fingertips, the 2015 Mitsubishi PHEV has a MMSC system designed to control and monitor the performance of your electric engine, including battery life and charge time.  A system accessible via your smart phone from a PHEV app, so you can ready your car for adventure before even stepping outside into the freezing Edmonton weather. From this app you can control the climate control and view charge level and time left to charge. Proof that the technology of the PHEV was not limited to the under the hood.

We are living in a world where it is growing increasingly more important to cut down on excess. Whether that be excess fuel, excess spending, or excess energy, Mitsubishi has a vehicle that provides an alternative to those looking to cut down. And it does so, without skimping on what it is important. The 2015 PHEV is without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most interesting and efficient new vehicles on the market. It emphases importance in fuel economy, while keeping your comforts in mind as well. Even with all this going on, the PHEV manages to keep your safety, and the safety of those around you a top priority.

The short answer: A lot.

With the 2015 Mitsubishi PHEV, you are capable of driving solely using electricity for your average, everyday commute. It doesn't have to dip into its fuel usage unless you drive longer distances. The PHEV is capable of over 50 kilometers while on EV mode, while also drastically decreasing the fuel emissions made by your vehicle. The PHEV produces a miniscule 44g/km of fuel emissions, which is lower than almost any vehicle you'll see on Edmonton roads today.


Mitsubishi has created a vehicle for the new age. The 2015 PHEV has brought a breath of fresh air to Canada with a new mindset, a mindset based on efficiency, style, and saving you money. It's a gorgeous mix of something familiar and a new and innovative take on the SUV. A classic vehicle in the making, the 2015 Mitsubishi PHEV is fun to drive, comfortable, and most importantly safe. You want a vehicle that is both light on your wallet and your environment? You got one.

The 2015 Mitsubishi PHEV is coming soon, here at West Side Mitsubishi in Edmonton AB.